December 10th, 2020 4pm GMT / 11am EST / 5pm CET

The presentation will introduce IR as a universal detector amenable to coupling to any kind of Gas or Liquid Chromatography, using solid phase deposition to afford unique molecule fingerprinting, while boosting the resolution and sensitivity over conventional gas phase devices.

The high specificity of information will readily provide detailed chemical information, with superior discrimination over Mass Spectrometry, for regioisomers and diastereomers in the flavour and fragrance, food, forensic, and pharmaceutical field.

As a walk-up instrument, the DiscovIR is capable of meeting the work flow needs of analytical laboratories and make use of spectral database for unequivocal identification of unknowns through the orthogonal information gathered from IR, MS, and Linear Retention Indices.

Learning Objectives of Webinar

  • Understand the technology behind solid deposition FTIR coupled with GC and LC
  • Gain insight into the differences between gas phase IR and solid phase IR
  • Understand the capability for alternative molecular recognition based on IR fingerprinting