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DiscovIR this versatile instrument for the analysis of complex mixtures.

The combination of two widely used techniques, Infrared Spectroscopy and Liquid or Gas Chromatography, brings a powerful tool to analytical chemists looking to outfit their lab with a versatile instrument for the analysis of complex mixtures.  Complementing MS systems, Infrared Spectroscopy hyphenated systems give information that cannot be obtained through any other means. The DiscovIR can be used for a variety of analytical applications, from entomology (insect alkaloid analysis) to proteomics (proteins secondary structure characterization) to explosive analysis (field sample analysis).

The potential benefits of FT-IR Spectroscopy coupled with LC or GC Chromatography include:

  • Rapid separation and identification of complex mixtures
  • High sensitivity
  • High specificity of Infrared Spectroscopy, enabling differentiation of structural analogs
  • Solid state Mid-IR spectra, allowing for comparison with commercially available libraries
  • Non-destructive technology
  • No exposure to hazardous chemicals