Forensic Analysis


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DiscovIR how to rapidly and accurately identify unknown substances.

With the DiscovIR-GC, forensic drug chemists can use the power of infrared spectroscopy to distinguish between positional isomers of various controlled substances, coupled with the separation power of gas chromatography.

The DiscovIR utilizes the high specificity of Infrared Spectroscopy to easily reduce uncertainty in the identification of regioisomers, diastereomers, analogues, and other closely related compounds such as fentanyl analogues, pseudoephedrine/ephedrine, phenethylamines, and synthetic cannabinoids.

When compared with Mass Spectrometry, Infrared Spectroscopy is able to readily provide detailed chemical information for differential analysis at a higher level of specificity and discrimination that is unattainable through the sole use of Mass Spectrometry. As a “walk-up” instrument, the DiscovIR-GC is capable of meeting the work flow needs of forensic laboratories through high sample volume automated processing. The DiscovIR also makes use of a spectral database search engine to facilitate rapid, unequivocal identification of sample unknowns against commercially available solid phase IR libraries, as well as the capability for the user to build in-house libraries.