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DiscovIR new flavors and fragrances

We provide a unique solution to laboratories charged with the analyses of food, oil and other edible products. The DiscovIR product line couples mid FTIR Spectroscopy to Liquid or Gas Chromatography in GC-FTIR and LC-FTIR instruments enabling rapid and accurate identification of all the components of food complex mixtures.

In particular, Fat in food or Oil (edible or not) can easily be deconstructed to gain structural information on unsaturation level, chain length, double bond configuration of its fatty acids (or FAME). Flavors and Fragrances can also be separated and identified. Infrared Spectroscopy can differentiate very subtle differences between isomers of position or configuration and identify minor components in a mixture by comparing their spectra against the thousands available in commercial libraries. The DiscovIR product line enables analytical chemists to meet the stringent regulatory and quality assurance requirements for nutritional content and authenticity analysis.