Flavor and Fragrance


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Unique solution for flavor and fragrance identification by means of solid phase FTIR GC-MS

Flavor and fragrance (F&F) adulteration is a frequently present problem in the perfumery industry, thus reliable determination of the volatile profile of perfume and other cosmetic products is a crucial question. However, gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry is a widely used technique for F&F analysis, the obtained information is not always enough for an accurate identification.

The GC-MS (TOF) system combined with a unique solid phase FTIR can provide a solution for reliable peak assignment also in the case of positional or diastereomer isomers.
The GC separates the components and gives additional information about the retention behavior through linear retention indices (LRI), while the MS and solid phase FTIR spectrometer provide structural elucidation.

The solid phase FTIR is compatible with standard GC columns and injection mode, with a simple post column flow splitting it can interface with GC-MS instrumentation. Practically, in this novel technique the separated compounds are condensed in small singular spots on a rotating disc, thus distortion of spectra is eliminated, giving an excellent spectral resolution which provides unique IR spectra for each molecule.

In this application note a commercially available perfume sample was studied, focusing on the hardly identifiable compounds.