DiscovIR10™ Software

DiscovIR10™ Software


The software is an intuitive, easy to use and run, digital interface

Switching software guide

Explains how to move back and forth from GRAMS and DiscovIR10

DiscovIR10TM Software is a fully interactive and intuitive system to collect, process, and manage infrared spectral data.

View our DiscovIR10 tutorials Playlist.

Data Station Requirements

Operating system

Microsoft Windows© 10; 32 or 64 bit
Microsoft Excel is needed to modify or create report templates
Dedicated Ethernet port for DiscovIR system (Needed for full license only)

Software Overview

Standard Features:

  • Real-time  data collection and post-run RT rescan
  • Chromatographic / spectral workup
  • Band chromatograms for chemical classes
  • Unattended operation
  • Directly controls DANI Master GC
  • Alignment and tuning tools

New with DiscovIR10TM Software:

  • Process data, create reports, and edit sequence while running samples
  • Customize report contents and format easily using report generator templates
  • Edit sequence of future runs while collecting data
  • Improved Spectral Quality
    • “True Spectra” displayed with flat baselines – unknowns look like the libraries
    • Removes chromatographic drift by using local backgrounds
  • Chromatogram with spectra displays include Topographic map
  • Estimate amount of Liquid Nitrogen for the sequence of analysis
  • DiscovIR10 allows 16+ hours of unattended operation with customized hardware
  • Autonomous Operation Mode– No Sequence Editing, DiscovIR10 collects whenever the GC or GCMS injects (coming soon)

Library Search Includes:

  • Analytical Spectra visually match the library Spectra
  • 100% quality match scale
  • Spectra compatible with all ATR and transmission solid phase FTIR Libraries
  • Displays Chemical Structures
  • Chromatographic retention time matching using Linear Retention Indexes (LRI)
  • Create encrypted libraries

Software interactions:

  • Ribbon style graphic organization
  • Interactive workspace tabs
  • Workflow guided by icon sequence
  • Hierarchical privilege level access

What you can do:

  • GC Mass Spectrometers directly couple to DiscovIR systems
    • Autonomous Operation Mode – no need to prepare multiple sequences and have them synchronized
  • Modes of Operation:
    • Edit sequence in DiscovIR10 and have it run the integrated Dani Master GC
    • Edit sequence in DiscovIR10 and export as a csv file to be imported by other GCs
    • Run DiscovIR10 autonomously without a sequence by using the start and stop commands sent by the GC (coming soon)