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Revolutionary Desolvation Technology enables total flexibility with mobile phase solvents for GPC-FTIR. Solid phase transmission FTIR Spectra free from solvent interference are acquired continuously during the chromatography. The system is fully automated and compatible with autosamplers.

Complete solvent removal combined with controlled temperature cryogenic deposition minimizes band spreading and maintains the chromatographic resolution.

Enhanced Resolution
Infrared Detection System for LC

System Overview

Operating Principle Desolvation followed by continuous FTIR scans of solid components on a rotating ZnSe sample disk
Detection Method Built-in FTIR
IR Range 4000–700 cm-1
Resolution 4 or 8 cm-1
Data Collection Real-time, with post-run rescan
Spectrum Type Transmittance through disc and solid sample
Disc Capacity About 20 hours of chromatography
Disc Temperature Control -100°C to +50°C

Data Station

Platform Windows™ 10 PRO
Standard Features • Real-time or post-run data collect
• Chromatographic & spectral data processing
• 30 customizable Infared Band Chromatograms for chemical classes
• Alignment and tuning tools

DiscovIR-GC Configuration

LC Flow Rates Accepted 0.2 to 2.0 ml/min
Compatible Solvents THF, TCB, ODCB
Reversed phase solvents
Normal phase solvents


Full scan FTIR information will enable polymer chemists to improve their discovery efforts for new products. The molecular structure information may also be used to improve the manufacturing process and product quality of existing products.
The DiscovIR-LC system integrates the chromatogram and the FTIR spectra into one data package. Coupling FTIR detection with GPC is particularly advantageous since FTIR detection can be utilized both as a concentration detector for MW calculations and as a spectroscopic tool for compositional analysis. Many monomers exhibit relatively simple FTIR absorption spectra, allowing them to be identified by comparison to library data. The DiscovIR FTIR spectra match well with existing FTIR libraries.


Compatible with your existing methods:

Connect the DiscovIR System to your existing chromatograph and auto sampler. Standard GPC solvents, columns, injection volumes and concentrations may be used with the DiscovIR system. The solvent removal and sample analysis is completed on line during the chromatographic run.


The spectra of the sample is independent of the solvent’s FTIR spectra. There are no spectral restrictions on the solvents used as eluents. The solvents are physically removed from the sample, eliminating interference from the absorbtion bands of the solvent. Volatile buffers are removed with the solvent. Nonvolatile infared transparent buffers may be deposited on the disk with the sample.