DiscovIR™ Data Station


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DiscovIR™ Data Station

DiscovIR comes with a fully interactive data system to process and manage spectroscopic data. Spectral data can be viewed graphically or in tabular form as desired.

Thermo Electron’s GRAMS/AI™ software is included and all the data collection, display and report features in it are available in the DiscovIR™ data station package. There are in addition a number of unique features for even more powerful analysis.

  • Peak Chromatogram
    The highest absorbance found across the entire mid-IR spectrum at each point in time is plotted to give a chromatogram display of the maximal values throughout the run.
  • Band Chromatogram
    When the goal is to look for compounds with a particular functional group, the chromatogram data can be set up to plot only those peaks which fall into a specific frequency range across the elution profile.
  • Ratio Chromatogram
    The Ratio Chromatogram feature is useful for displaying trends across a series of related chemicals which may yield spectra that are difficult to distinguish from one another, such as that of a broad polymer peak or a homologous series of fatty acids. A changing ratio indicates subtle changes in chemical structure that can elude even a trained eye.
  • Peak Deconvolution
    Sometimes despite best efforts, peaks are not completely resolved in a chromatographic separation. DiscovIR™ DataStation can analyze how the spectral features change as the peak progresses and isolate the contribution from each component. The resulting individual spectra can be plotted, analyzed and compared just like any others.