As you’ve attended previous events with The Analytical Scientist (thank you!), we would like to personally invite you to our upcoming webinar on the DiscovIR-GC® Detector – a powerful analytical tool that allows scientists to quickly and accurately identify isomers that were previously difficult to distinguish.

This technology, based on the combination of GC-FTIR and MS, provides simultaneous measurement of both the retention time and the molecular structure of analytes.

In this webinar, Nathan Hawkins, CEO of Spectrometrics, and Tracy Phillpot, Senior Application Chemist at Spectra Analysis, will introduce DiscovIR-GC® (FTIR) as a universal detector that can be coupled with any GC system and explain how solid-phase direct deposition gives rise to unique molecule fingerprinting, while boosting resolution and sensitivity over conventional gas phase devices.

Learning Objectives of Webinar:

  • Understand the technology behind solid-phase deposition FTIR coupled with GC.
  • Gain insight into the differences between gas phase IR and solid-phase IR spectroscopy.
  • Understand the capability for identification of synthetic opioids based on structural differences in IR finger printing.

This exciting webinar will take place on June 29 at 09:30 ET – register now and join this session!